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Medical Research
Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research
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The Center includes staff with training and expertise in outcomes research, statistics, nursing, cancer, cardiovascular disease, medicine, community and public health.
  • Mary Emmett , PhD , Director
  • Karen Chambers , Staff Assistant
  • Elaine Davis , Senior Research Scientist
  • Scott Dean , Senior Biostatistician
  • Christine Welch , Statistician
  • Suzanne Kemper , Research Associate
  • Sarah Flaherty , Research Assistant
  • Mike Broce , Research Assistant
  • Jennifer Wentz , Research Assistant


Mary Emmett, Ph.D. , C.H.E., Director, CHSOR

Mary holds a Ph.D., in Hospital and Health Services Administration from the University of Iowa. She has a Masters in Business from the University of South Dakota and a Bachelors of Science in Medical Technology from Marquette University. Mary is a Credentialed Healthcare Executive by the American College of Healthcare Executives. Mary started with the CHSOR in 1997 and became Director in 1998. She has extensive experience in teaching and research within the healthcare field. As Director of the CHSOR, Mary is responsible for the team that manages the functions within the Center.

Elaine Davis, RN, Ed.D., Senior Research Scientist

Elaine holds an Ed.D. from West Virginia University, a Masters in Business Administration and a masters in Management/Health Care Administration from West Virginia Graduate College and is a Registered Nurse. Elaine has 14 years of experience as a cardiac nurse working for Jamal H. Khan, MD and has experience as a nurse in cardiac rehabilitation, surgical ICU and clinical trials. Elaine assists the Director in her absence from the Center; serves on numerous quality committees, and is responsible for managing several cardiovascular improvement projects.

Scott Dean, Ph.D. , Senior Biostatistician

Scott holds a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh, an MBA from West Virginia University and a BS in Statistics from the University of Tennessee. He holds post-graduate certificates in A+ Microcomputer Support and Services and Epidemiology and Outbreak Investigation. Scott is responsible for statistics and computing within the CHSOR. He is an adept SAS programmer and assists investigators with statistics and research design.

Suzanne Kemper , MPH, Research Associate

Suzanne holds a Master Degree in Public Health and a BA in Psychology from West Virginia University. She has been employed as a Research Associate with CHSOR since 1998. Suzanne is responsible for Inpatient and Outpatient Satisfaction tracking, scanning, verifying and reporting data each month and quarterly. She is in charge of the Performance Improvement survey, processing and reporting for all of CAMC’s 5000 employees.

Jennifer Wentz , BA, Research Assistant

Jennifer carries a Bachelors in Sociology from West Virginia University. Jennifer has certificates in Business Writing and Grammar Skills, focus group interviewing, and questionnaire development. She has extensive experience in database design using Access. She is responsible for creating optical scan forms, scanning in data, verification of data, assisting with mailings, collaborates with Suzanne Kemper to ensure that the Center has full-time coverage and adherence to the HCAHPS protocol and finally assists Scott Dean with reporting the raw data to the individual hospitals.

Karen Chambers , Staff Assistant

Karen is a Staff Assistant and is experienced in managing the mail, answering the phone, payroll, managing expenses of the CHSOR, ordering supplies, and assisting with mailings. She has extensive experience within the CAMC Healthcare System.


Contact Information:
CAMC Institute
Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research

3211 MacCorkle Avenue, SE
Charleston, WV.
Phone: (304) 388-9910
FAX: (304)-388-9829

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