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Medical Research
Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research
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Other Services

The Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research provides a range of other services for individuals with specific research needs.

  • Community Collaboration
  • Grant Preparation

Community Collaboration

  • Staff in the Center work closely with several community entities including: Healthy Kids Coalition, West Virginia Initiative to Improve End-of-Life Care, Kanawha Coalition for Community Health Improvement, Partner’s In Health, West Virginia Bureau for Public Health, West Virginia, Division of Health Promotion, West Virginia Cancer Registry, West Virginia Health Care Authority, National Council on The Aging
  • We collaborate with investigators from universities, including West Virginia University, Marshall University,

Grant Preparation

The staff has extensive experience with proposal development and the preparation of National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other grants. They also may assist with study design and protocol development, selection and piloting of questions, and other data acquisition tools.

Maintenance of research databases for long-term projects, grants and contracts




Contact Information:
CAMC Institute
Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research

3211 MacCorkle Avenue, SE
Charleston, WV.
Phone: (304) 388-9910
FAX: (304)-388-9829

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