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Patient Simulation at CAMC and WVU/Charleston Division

The CAMC Health Education and Research Institute (CAMC Institute) in affiliation with Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC) and West Virginia University Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center/Charleston Division (WVU/Charleston Division) has started a patient simulation center as an adjunct to teaching health care professions students and practitioners. The center is located at CAMC General Hospital 5 East. Simulation technology has advanced in recent years to allow for high fidelity experiences that, when used as part of a larger educational experience, can greatly enhance medical education.

Simulation at CAMC and WVU/Charleston Division consists of a dedicated simulation teaching laboratory encompassing approximately 7,000 square feet. The center maintains a full-time staff, including a curriculum development specialist who will assist faculty members with integrating simulation into their curriculums.

The CAMC Foundation has raised nearly $1 million for the establishment of the CAMC Institute Patient Simulation Center.

 August 22, 2005-
Medical practice: Patient simulators create emergency without the crisis
By Morgan Kelly, Staff writer, Charleston Gazette

Simulation Center Floor Plan

Simulation Center PowerPoint Presentation

The CAMC Institute Patient Simulation Center has two primary areas of activity. First is full-patient simulation capabilities set in realistic scenario situations. Second is part-task trainer capabilities that focus on specific skill tasks.

The center features the following capabilities:

Simulation Center Equipment List

  • Full patient simulation capabilities featuring high-fidelity patient simulation capable of creating a variety of crisis or physical assessment scenarios. Each simulation room features audio/video recording and playback capabilities to allow for critique and debriefing by faculty. The CAMC Patient Simulation Center features Laerdal SimMan and SimBaby patient simulators. Simulation rooms will be include –
    • Emergency Department
    • Operating Room
    • Critical Care Room
    • General Care Patient Room
    • OB Delivery room
    • Pediatrics

      Part-Task (skill specific) trainer capabilities that include –
    • Venous access trainers
      • Peripheral IV trainer
      • Central line trainer
      • Arterial puncture trainer
      • Baby head IV access trainer
      • Baby arm IV access simulator
      • Baby arterial puncture trainer
      • UAC trainer
      • IAVD/CVC trainer
    • Childbirth simulator
    • Gynecological exam simulator
    • Neonatal trainer
    • Infant trainer
    • Pediatric Trainer
    • Bronchoscope Trainer
    • Colonoscope Trainer
    • Laparoscopic trainer
    • Suture trainer

Another feature of the center is "Harvey," one of the most sophisticated cardiopulmonary patient simulators currently available. Harvey features state-of-the-art heart and lung sounds along with an advanced curriculum allowing students and health care practitioners to experience 30 different case presentations. Learn more about Harvey at:

The CAMC Institute Patient Simulation Center has recently entered the world of virtual simulation with the addition of the Immersion Medical AccuTouch Endoscopy System. Information about this state-of-the-art training system can be found at:

The Center has a classroom with audio/video capabilities to monitor and playback activity from any of the full patient simulation teaching rooms.

In addition to patient simulation, the scenario rooms may also be converted for use with Standardized Patient

CAMC Life Support Training Center
500 Morris Street
5 East - CAMC General Hospital
Charleston, WV 25304

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