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CAMC Life Support Training Center
Trauma Nurse Core Course


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The TNCC Course provides core level knowledge both in terms of cognitive and psychomotor skills based on the six-phase trauma nursing process as the standard of care.

Nurses who complete the class will receive the Trauma Nurse Core Course (TNCC) provider card good for four years.  They will also receive 12 hours nursing credit from the ENA.  Paramedics may audit the course for 12 hours of continuing education from the West Virginia Office of Emergency medical Services.  

Course Length:

Provider course- Two days
(12 to 16 hours)


Course objectives:

q Identify the common mechanisms of injury associated with trauma.

Describe the patophysiologic changes as a basis for signs and symptoms.

Describe the nursing assessment of patients with trauma.

Based on the assessment data, identify appropriated nursing diagnoses and expected outcomes for the trauma patient.

q Describe mechanisms for evaluating the effectiveness of nursing interventions for patients with trauma.




CAMC Life Support Training Center
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Charleston, WV 25304

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