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CAMC Life Support Training Center
Advanced Trauma Life Support


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The Advanced Trauma Life Support course goal is to orient the participants to the initial assessment and management if the trauma patient.  This is a physician-based course. 


The ATLS Provider must be a licensed physician.

The course may be audited by Nurses, PAs and Paramedics for Continuing Education only.


Participants who complete the class will receive an ATLS provider card. The card is valid for a four-year period. Participants will also receive documentation of appropriate continuing medical credit through the American College of Surgeons.


Course Length:

Provider course- Two days (18 to 20 hours)



Course objectives:

q       Assess the patient's condition rapidly and accurately.

q       Resuscitate and stabilize the patient according to priority.

q       Determine if the patient's needs exceed a facility's capabilities.

q       Arrange appropriately for the patient's interhospital transfer (what, who, when, and how). 

q       Assure that optimum care is provided.





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