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  Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support
Instructor Course


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The ACLS Instructor Course is designed to develop proficiency in teaching an ACLS provider course. The ACLS instructor course will introduce the instructor candidate to adult teaching theory including a case based method of teaching.


Participants who complete the class will receive an Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support instructor card. The card is valid for a two-year period. Participants will also receive documentation of appropriate continuing medical education credit. This course is approved for Nursing, Physician, Pharmacy, AANA and EMS credit.

Course Length:

Provider course- Two days (12 to 16 hours)

Course objectives:

I.         How to make effective presentations of ACLS information and materials.

II.       How to function as the leader and participant in all components of an ACLS provider course.

III.      Know how to set up and use educational presentation tools including

       35-mm slide projectors

      Computer-based video projectors

      Overhead transparency projectors

      Posters and flip charts

      Single-sheet handouts

IV. How to create, present, and lead the teaching modules:

         Case-based scenarios

         Case discussion

         Skills instruction and evaluation

         Practice stations

         Remediation stations

         Written annotated examination

V. Understand the educational philosophy of the ACLS program


CAMC Life Support Training Center
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5 East - CAMC General Hospital
Charleston, WV 25304

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