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CAMC Life Support Training Center
  First Aid


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Whether at home or work, injuries or sudden illness are always possible. Knowing what to do in the event of one of these emergencies can truly be a matter of life and death. The Life Support Training Center offers a combination CPR and First Aid program to better prepare individuals for the actions needed in the first minutes following an injury or the onset of severe illness.

Heartsaver FACTS (the First Aid, AED, and CPR Training System) is a codeveloped program of the American Heart Association and the National Safety Council, two of the most recognized names in emergency and safety training.

Heartsaver FACTS (First Aid and CPR Program)

Heartsaver FACTS builds upon the Heartsaver AED course and not only includes adult and CPR skills but also adds several variety first aid skills. Designed for work site response, this course meets minimum OSHA requirement for workplace first aid training.

The course includes both a written and skills evaluation.

Course Length: 8 Hours

Course covers .

   Adult CPR

   Relief of airway obstruction

   Use of barrier devices for ventilations

   Use of the AED

Plus these first aid topics

Assessment and management of:

o  Internal and external bleeding and shock

o  Wounds, amputation, blisters, and impaled objects

o  First-, second-, and third- degree burns, chemical burns, and electrocution

o  Head, eye, nose, mouth, and spinal injuries

o  Chest, abdominal, and pelvic injuries

o  Bone, joint, and muscle injuries

o  Asthma, hyperventilation, fainting, and seizures

o  Diabetic and pregnancy emergencies

o  Poisoning, alcohol, and other drug emergencies

o  Animal and insect bites and stings

CAMC Life Support Training Center
500 Morris Street
5 East - CAMC General Hospital
Charleston, WV 25304

304-388-1858 (FAX)





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