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CAMC Life Support Training Center
  Safety Assessment and Consultation


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The Life Support Training Center has safety consultants available to provide an assessment of your workplace and aid in developing a comprehensive safety program. With resources including our existing catalog of safety and first aid programs combined with the ability to develop custom training programs for your organization, the Life Support Training Center can be a full-service provider of safety training programs to cover your safety needs.

With our own in-house media production facilities, the Life Support Training Center can coordinate the development of video or computer-based training programs in addition to lecture or workshop style programs.

One special area of expertise the Life Support Training Center can offer is assistance in developing a workplace emergency medical response team. From training to equipment, we can help develop an organization's ability to respond to on-site medical emergencies involving coworkers, customers, or visitors. This includes assistance in establishing a Public Access Defibrillation program to help prepare for sudden cardiac arrest events that afflict over 250,000 Americans each year.

The Life Support Training Center offers a variety of safety program and training solutions to best serve the needs of your organization. Whether you are looking for training on a single safety topic or for a comprehensive safety package, the Life Support Training Center can help bring the right program to you.

CAMC Life Support Training Center
500 Morris Street
5 East - CAMC General Hospital
Charleston, WV 25304

304-388-1858 (FAX)



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