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  Continuing Medical Education

CME Mission Statement


The mission of the CAMC Health Education & Research Institute’s CME program is to sponsor high quality evidence- and research-based educational and professional improvement activities for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals that promote improvement in an individual practitioner’s competency, encourage incorporation of new knowledge and skills to improve performance resulting in enhanced patient care. We will work to promote a multifaceted educational environment that leads to the promotion of individual lifelong learning.

Content Areas

Reflecting the mission of the CAMC Health System, the CAMC Institute’s Office of Continuing Education will emphasize professional improvement activities for primary care healthcare providers including family physicians, internal medicine physicians, pediatricians, obstetricians/gynecologists, psychiatrists, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, and other allied healthcare providers working within our state and community. Subsequently, activities are designed to expand on the practitioner’s existing capabilities, encouraging methods for self reflection, and enhancing the transformation into a lifelong learner.

Target Audience

The CAMC Institute strives to deliver educational experiences for the primary care and specialty care practitioners inclusive of all healthcare providers who may benefit from appropriate educational activities. Working with the various groups of learners, identifying practice gaps, establishing needs, objectives, and goals to develop meaningful learning activities, the CAMC Institute primarily emphasizes live activities, while also utilizing outreach education, videoconferencing, simulation and internet educational programming for our CAMC community and the state of West Virginia.

Types of Activities

The CAMC Institute offers a variety of formats for learning activities including live conferences and seminars,, topic-specific grand rounds, discipline-specific internal conferences, interactive, live audio and videoconferencing, faculty and professional improvement activities, enduring materials in print, audio, and video for traditional or internet distribution as well as joint sponsorship of state and regional activities.

Expected Results

The CAMC Health Education & Research Institute is committed to designing educational activities that result in enhancing quality care for the CAMC community and the state of West Virginia. The CAMC Institute offers physicians of West Virginia the opportunity to improve their clinical medical knowledge and competencies and by closing identified practice gaps and ultimately improving patient care.

Continuing Education Contacts

Jay A. Ripley, MS, CHES
Lead Education Specialist
Phone: 304 388 9964
Fax:     304 388 9966

Josh Kent
Education Specialist
Phone: 304 388 9963
Fax:     304 388 9966

Eric C. Holt
Program Assistant
Phone: 304 388 9960
Fax:     304 388 9966


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